AOFAS Follow up!

I hope this message finds you well. It was an absolute pleasure to reconnect with all of you at the AOFAS 2023 conference in Louisville. The energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm that filled the exhibit hall were truly inspiring, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to share in that experience.

As we reflect on our time at AOFAS 2023, we wanted to keep the momentum going by introducing something exciting that captures the essence of the event. We are proud to present our new podcast series: “AOFAS 2023 Exhibit Hall Highlights.” In this episode, we’ll bring you the top 8 things we saw in the exhibit hall.

We are committed to keeping you informed and equipped with the latest information to excel in your roles as medical sales representatives.

Thank you for your dedication to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Here is a break-down of some of the highlights that we identified at this years annual meeting exhibit hall.

1.   Alternative suture devices – Easy Whip:  You would think that there isn’t much that can be modified with suture but this company made a simple tweak to the standard looped suture.  

2. Custom 3D-printed bracing – Protect 3D is doing some great work designing custom bracing that can be made with an iphone and an app device.  

3. Continuous compression – lots of cool nitinol devices including new TTC fusion options (Arthrex Dual Compression nail) and plate/staple options.

4. WB CT scan – most are familiar with Curvebeam but another company called Simulate took another approach by building an add on for traditional CT scanners.

5. Curonix – some additional treatment options for patients with neuropathic pain which can be difficult to treat.

6. Cerement – most are familiar with the injectable bone graft substitutes.  Cerement has a new PEAK delivery system that can be used for long bone fractures to improve accuracy of delivery5.

7. 3D printing – tons going on here.  Multiple companies including Restore3D, Sinaptic, 4WEB and OPM.

8. Total ankle arthroplasty and PSI

No offense if we missed you.  Also, would love to hear if you had a favorite Bourbon!


October we will cover tibia fractures.  Date TBD
Late November or early December – Peroneal tendon/lateral ligament reconstruction.